Thursday, January 24, 2008

James Brown - Hell [1974]

1. Coldblooded - 4:45
2. Hell - 5:03
3. My Thang - 4:20
4. Sayin' and Doin' It - 3:05
5. Please, Please, Please - 4:07
6. When the Saints Go Marching In - 2:43
7. These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You- 3:14
8. Stormy Monday - 3:15
9. A Man Has to Go Back to the Crossroads Before He Find Himself- 2:52
10. Sometime - 4:15
11. I Can't Stand It "76" - 8:10
12. Lost Someone - 3:35
13. Don't Tell a Lie About Me and I Won't Tell The Truth About You - 5:05
14. Papa Don't Take No Mess - 13:51

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jazzzy said...
pass: jazzzy

TripleJ said...

thanks again for the jb.

Zer0_II said...

Great blog you have here. I would especially like to thank you for all the James Brown material you made available.

I've added you to my music blog directory @

It's not a requirement to be listed, but if you could link back to the blogroll in any way I would be very greatful. Thanks once again for all the great music.

Sean CK said...

marry me

Sean CK said...


ben said...

many funky props to you sir. My funk o meter is through the roof. Proper!

Ismaily said...

love ya ♥

Jennifer Frost said...

Wasn't James Brown that successful Educator celeb?

Elliot Knapp said...

There are some tight grooves on these discs! Just reviewed this album too on my music blog.