Saturday, March 1, 2008

James Brown & The J.B.'s - Slaughter's Big Rip-Off [OST] [1973]


1 James Brown Slaughter Theme (4:01)
2 J.B.'s, The Tryin' To Get Over (2:28)
3 J.B.'s, The Transmograpfication (2:00)
4 J.B.'s, The Happy For The Poor (2:45)
5 James Brown Brother Rap (3:04)
6 J.B.'s, The Big Strong (3:19)
7 J.B.'s, The Really, Really, Really (1:51)
8 James Brown Sexy, Sexy, Sexy (3:11)
9 J.B.'s, The To My Brother (2:12)
10 Lyn Collins How Long Can I Keep It Up (5:31)
11 James Brown People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul (3:43)
12 J.B.'s, The King Slaughter (2:46)
13 J.B.'s, The Straight Ahead (2:45)

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jazzzy said...
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Don said...

Your site is awesome! Never seen most of these James Brown albums anywhere. Thanks!

Any Means... said...

big ups on tha Godfather!

Big Sweet Daddy Mayne said...

Whats the password?!?!??

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